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Healthy Vending Machines in San Diego

Today’s consumers are becoming much more health conscious, not to mention the increased legislation to encourage healthier behaviors. The reasons for this are obvious. Healthier people are happier…and thus more productive. Furthermore, from an office perspective, healthier people take less sick days and are less of a burden on health insurance costs.

That’s why Munch A Bunch makes many efforts to offer healthier vending products and programs to simplify healthier choices. We offer a multitude of items that are low in sugar, calories, sodium, fat or anything else people are trying to avoid. This includes chips, candy bars, cookies and food items. Also, our beverage selection offers a wide ranger of healthier items, like bottled waters, flavored waters, juices, teas and low calorie sports drinks.

Furthermore, we take part in the National Automated Merchandising Association’s (NAMA’s) Fit Pick program. This incorporates stickers directly on vending items that simply and clearly identify healthier choices. Combined with our wide selection of healthier products, this is a great program for use in schools. To learn more about our school offerings, click here.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Healthy Selections

Baked Lays
Special K Cracker Chips
Vitamin Water
Healthy Meals

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