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Office Coffee Service San Diego

Office Coffee

Office Coffee Service in San Diego

Offering an office coffee service on site can be a major advantage for your business. That’s because employees can get their daily cup at the office, rather than going off site. This means more time in the office, and more time being productive.

Having brand name coffees, such as Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Folgers and Maxwell House or Lipton and Bigelow teas, and hot chocolate is a great benefit for any breakroom. Furthermore, we can arrange for a variety of brewing equipment, including popular single-cup options.

Brand Name Products

A Wide Variety of Coffee Equipment

Traditional 3 Burner
Traditional 3 Burner
Traditional Pour Over
Coffee Airpots
Single Cup Brewers

Single Cup Brewers

Single Cup brewers cater to each person’s coffee tastes. Each person selects their favorite brand/flavor, brews it to their specific preferences, and walks away in a matter of seconds with the perfectly brewed beverage. There’s virtually no maintenance or cleanup required.

Office Supplies

Office coffee service includes supplying all the items you need, including condiments, creamers, cups, stir sticks and other supplies in addition to cleaning your coffee equipment on a regular basis.

Water Filtration Service

Water filtration service can improve your water for a better cup of coffee…or just as a beverage alone. Water Filtration units include both floor standing and countertop models, which are plumbed into the water line to dispense great water, hot or cold, at the touch of a button.

Bulk Product Delivery

If you are in need of bulk products for your front office, we can help here as well. We offer cases of water, juice, soda and snacks to be purchased separately, which is a great option for board meetings and events.

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