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Vending Machines in San Diego

There’s no shortage of concern over the nutritional well being of today’s children, and a big part of this issue involves vending and food items in schools. This is an important issue for both parents and school administrators alike, not to mention the kids themselves.

That’s why Munch A Bunch Vending puts a major effort into helping promote healthier eating habits by working with local school officials to ensure school vending needs are being met, and that we’re properly promoting the well being of young people with our offerings.

Healthy School Programs

With our Healthy School Program, we offer a complete vending machine service of healthier snacks, foods and beverages. We’re not only fully equipped to serve the educational sector, we have the experience to back it up. Beyond offering the appropriate programs, we support them with 24/7 service and a commitment to always keep the machines clean, stocked and fully operational.

School Funding Programs

We work with school extracurricular programs to offer unique fundraising abilities. This involves utilizing commissions from vending sales to fund different school programs.

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