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Vending Machines in San Diego

Though it may not seem like it to the layperson, vending technology has progressed a lot in recent years. At Munch A Bunch Vending, we take every advantage of the latest technologies to provide the highest level of service to our customers.

The Latest Advances in Technology

Mobile Vending Request App

We’re incorporating a new app technology that helps us serve you better, while providing you with more convenience when needing service. The MR-1 app is a web-based program that lets you quickly and easily contact us in the event of a problem. Simply visit the mobile site on the offending machine and directly report the issue. No more having to rely on catching the route driver when he’s in the office, or bothering the facility manager with refund requests.

Guaranteed Product Delivery Systems

One of the technologies our machines feature is Sure Vend. This is a guaranteed product delivery feature that utilizes infrared beams to tell if a purchased product drops or not. If not, refunds are provided immediately.

Cashless Vending

Cashless vending is another feature we offer. Rather than only accept cash, these machines take credit and debit cards. (Due to the high costs of these machines, this feature is reserved for larger accounts.)

Bill Recyclers

Bill recyclers further enhance convenience. Instead of returning tons of dollar coins when big bills are used to purchase items, these machines can return paper bills as change.

Wireless Technology

Technology doesn’t only positively affect the end-user customer, but also helps us do our jobs better. For instance, many of the machines incorporate wireless technologies that allow us to see machine inventories remotely. This lets us more efficiently serve customers, while also bringing exactly what each customer needs for their machines. It’s also a great tool for evaluating item popularity.

Energy Star

Other new features found on our machines provide a greener vending experience. Energy Star machines are more efficient and incorporate LED lighting, reducing their carbon footprint and the amount of money it takes to run them.

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